About Us

About Discover Pakistan
Discover Pakistan – First Satellite Tourism TV of Pakistan, softy launched on 23rd of March, 2021 with the aim to promote Tourism and soft image of Pakistan locally and internationally. Discover Pakistan is exhibiting natural wonders and picture perfect scenic beauty of Pakistan in ultra HD format. Pakistan is gifted with so many beautiful carved landscapes, breath taking valleys, series of natural lakes, beaches and rich history. Team Discover Pakistan is determined to play its role in changing the country’s perception globally. Soon enough, Discover Pakistan along with its brand partners will be recognized as Country’s window to the world.
About the CEO / Chairman
Dr. Kaiser Rafiq is one of the most enterprising, visionary and successful serial entrepreneur with 25 plus years of increasingly progressive experience. He has comprehensive understanding of the business which is based on hands – on know – how and ability to easily adapt to new environments. He has achieved unparalleled success developing new ideas, establishing brands, earning record profits, revenues and market share. Dr. Kaiser’s visionary range has no limitations. He is currently heading several successful ventures as CEO/Chairman and serving on various governing/executive boards of private and public organisations. He always takes lead in social works and his philanthropic work is always being appreciated by the media, government and individuals. Dr. Kaiser’s love for Pakistan brought him back to mother land a1er spending more than 20 years in abroad. He brought with him wealth of knowledge, experience, relationships and overseas investment. He is one of the few overseas Pakistanis who has decided for returning to Pakistan along with large scale of overseas investment and created a success story in Pakistan. He is an inspiration for many Pakistanis especially those who always wanted to patronise with their roots. Dr. Kaiser is on a mission to uplift the image of Pakistan and take the tourism of Pakistan to pinnacles.
About the President
Dr. Kazmi is a renowned figure as Iconic social scientist, a great dialogue consultant, and a cross cultural expert. Born in the city of Sialkot, Pakistan in 1952, Dr. Kazmi is the founder of the “Common grounds”, one of the most prestigious Think-tank. He has participated and lectured in more than 200 World Peace Conferences including UN cosponsored seminars, served as Director of World Media Association and had successfully launched a landmark initiative as Scandinavian Peace.Dr. Kazmi has also led the World & Muslim Leaders Summit. He has been awarded “The Latin America Civil Order of Liberty and Unity” for his scholarly services to the cause of peace, human progress and international understanding. Dr. Kazmi has is also actively involved in weaving Pakistan-US policy and has contributed tirelessly in passage of “Brown Amendment”.Dr. Kazmi is a Torch bearer for US-Pakistan mutual interests, an inspiring leader and a trailblazing philanthropist for Gilgit Baltistan.
Honorary Advisory Board

Dr.Amjad Saqib

Founder/Chairman Akhuwat Foundation, Pakistan

Kamran Lashari

Director General, Walled City Authority, Lahore

Justice Wazir Shakeel Ahmed

Senior Puisne Judge, Supreme Appellate Court, Gilgit-Baltistan

Air Vice Marshal (R) Sajid Habib

Director General, Walled City Authority, Lahore

Syed Noor

Legendary film director of Pakistan

Raja Nazeem ul Amin

Director General, Walled City Authority, Lahore

Dr. Tariq Sharifzada

Pakistan’s renowned Seerat Scholar

Imam Bakhsh Baloch

Director General, Walled City Authority, Lahore

Sumaira K. Isaacs

International Tourism Consultant, Dubai, UAE

Razzaq Baloch

International Media Consultant, New York, USA