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Here is full song of our program Paharon Ka Safar. Enjoy the music video with beautiful landscapes and mountain tops of Pakistan. Lyrics: Baadalon Par Hum Chalein Ek Nai Dagar Aao Mil Kay Karien Paharon Ka Safar Wadiyon Sey Tum Dosti Karlo Zara Bano Tum Paharon Kay Mehman Zara Kehkashan Ko Chun Lo Apni Rahguzar Aao Mil Kar Karien Paharon Ka Safar Apnay Hain Sab Ghar Wahan Par Khas Hain Bulandi Par Hain Rehtay Dil Kay Pas Hain Ronaqien Paogay Dekho Gy Jidhar Aao Mil Kar Karien Paharon Ka Safar Singer: Shehroz Anjum Composer: Johar Ali Produced by: Discover Pakistan UHD TV Discover Pakistan is the First Satellite Tourism TV of Pakistan, launched with the aim to promote Tourism and soft image of Pakistan locally and internationally. Discover Pakistan is exhibiting natural wonders and picture perfect scenic beauty of Pakistan in ultra HD format. Pakistan is gifted with so many beautiful carved landscapes, breath taking valleys, series of natural lakes, beaches and rich history. Team Discover Pakistan is determined to play its role in changing the country’s perception globally. Soon enough, Discover Pakistan along with its brand partners will be recognized as country’s window to the world.


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